A new project is in the pipeline…

The Beit Project was born 13 years ago as a nomadic school, spreading out in historic urban public spaces all over Europe to create a triple encounter : with the place, with history and with each other. 10,000 students from 20 cities have already taken part, working in pairs to appropriate an urban space and […]

End of Nantes project

Final presentation to take place on Monday 13 November at 6pmat espace COSMOPOLIS, 18 Rue Scribe, 44000 Nantes, This presentation is part of the Festisol, Festival des solidarités. Registration form  The Beit Project set up shop in Nantes on Thursday September 21 for the fourth year running. Installed in Studio 11/15, the nomadic school brings […]

The team is growing…

Nina Chastel Made up of the desire to meet people and pass on knowledge, in my suitcase,are radio, documentary films, literature and geopolitics: tools that I use while coordinating and leading cultural projects in various associative structures. After training in geopolitics at the Institut de Recherche et d’études Méditerranée Moyen-Orient (Iremmo), I collaborated with magazines […]

Back to Paris for the 13th year

For the third time, the Transfo Emmaüs Solidarité project took place in the heart of Paris’ 10th arrondissement during the school vacations. This pilot project, in partnership with Judaisme en Mouvement, brought together young and old from a variety of backgrounds: JEM (Association Judaïsme en mouvement), OSE (Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants), AIRES 10 (social […]

The end of Sofia

The city of Sofia in Bulgaria has been hosting The Beit Project since September 2023 for the 5th year. Pairs of students with different backgrounds meet in the historic heart of the city, and together experience tolerance, understanding of the Other, and coexistence. Debates on social issues linked to cultural and historical heritage develop young […]

The Boat Project with Matanel in Tunis.

Les Compagnons de la Méditerranée ont accosté à Tunis et tenu les ateliers pédagogiques sur place. Sur la photo, ils réalisent avec les élèves de la ville une fresque artistique. Les Compagnons se sont associés avec un collectif d’artistes calligraphes et street-artistes pour intégrer leur savoir-faire aux ateliers pédagogiques tunisiens. Tous ensemble, ils ont créé […]

Closing of the project The Nomadic School of European Memory

Les 27 et 28 mars 2023, l’événement de clôture de l’école nomade de la mémoire européenne s’est tenu à Timisoara, à la faculté d’art et de design. Nous nous sommes retrouvés pour échanger, écouter, apprendre, partager nos expériences après une année de projets au travers de 6 villes étapes : Marseille, Bruxelles, Barcelone, Sofia, Athènes […]

Launch of The Boat App

As part of its new project “The Boat Project with Matanel” , the association The Beit Project is pleased to invite you to the launch of the mobile application The Boat App on Wednesday 7 December at the coworking space Now (19 quai de Rive Neuve, 13007 Marseille) from 6:30 pm.   For all those […]

Inclusion and solidarity in the 10th arrondissement of Paris

What a pleasure to be back in the 10th arrondissement, Place du Buisson Saint-Louis, a district where we are so welcomed. This year, the participants are young people from the Vitry emergency reception centre, the Jean-Baptiste Clément secondary school, the Albert Schweitzer secondary school in Créteil, the Béranger secondary school and the Germaine Tillon secondary […]

Sofia, Bulgaria : fourth stage of the Nomadic School of Remembrance

From Monday 26 September, the Nomadic School was established in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the Serdika district. In this multicultural neighbourhood, the synagogue commemorates the rescue of the Jewish community and the local resistance to the Nazis. The Bania Bachi Mosque and other important Catholic buildings are also located here, as well as an architectural complex […]

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