THE BEIT PROJECT – SKOPJE 2019 Final presentation at Museum of the Macedonian struggle

 The final presentation of the “Beit Project” was held on November 11 2019 in the Museum of the Macedonian struggle, which is located in the center of the city on the left side of the Stone Bridge just across the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia. This place symbolically connects and integrates the centuries-old cultural and historical heritage of the city and its people.

This year, Beit project gathered 165 pupils from six schools with multiethnic and multicultural background, which represented the richness of the diversity of the city. Accordingly, the work of the pupils reflected their own creative vision about the history and the heritage of their city. Their final product – the edited videos – contained their original message about their understanding of the past and the relevance of the chosen topics for them, for the citizens and for the society. It was very exciting to see how the city was revived through the eyes of the pupils and how the researched heritage was visually reconstructed and connected with the contemporary issues in the society. All the created videos were equally creative, so it was quite difficult to select 8 videos that were presented at the Final event. The selected videos contained different heritage traces and addressed various topics of relevance for the pupils and for the society.

The creativity, coherence and a great synergy that was present among the pupils, the team and the teachers during the project sessions, was in best way displayed during the Final presentation in front of more than 200 people present at the event. The pupils, the teachers and the Schools received the certificates for their support and active participation in the project, while the support from the European Union and the Ministry of Culture was also expressed.

Overall, it was a great privilege to be part of a such a great event that further confirmed the great importance of the Beit project for Skopje and the traces that it left in the hearts and minds of the pupils and of all of us!

Mitko B. Panov, local coordinator

The Beit Project

Creating Consciousness
Urban Heritage and European Plurality

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