Connecting Living Together
and The Mediterranean Environment

The distances between the shores of the Mediterra- nean are increasing as a result of the various crises that have shaken this area, including the health crisis, and the “other shore” appears more frightening and distant every day. Other cultures, religions, customs or languages with which shore too often means rivalry. The current environmental, economic, social, political and humanitarian challenges oblige us to think and work together.

All the actions that need to be im- plemented to literally save our existence require a change in the perception of the other, which is the only guarantee of a lasting impact. Transforming the perception of the other, the different: from an obstacle to an asset.

The Mediterranean is etymologically the Midd- le Sea, the intermediate,
the element that makes connections. Could it be the solution?

The Boat Project

The Boat Project is a project that proposes to make our common environment, the Mediterranean, an essential element of education for living together, thanks to which diversity can be discovered from an innovative perspective. At the heart of the project is a boat, a sailing ship, with a team of young adults recruited from all over the Mediterranean: the les Compagnons de la Méditerranée. The boat, leaving from Marseille, crosses the sea from one stage to the next, weaving links from North to South throughout the school year: Marseille, Tangiers, Barcelona, Tunis and Bastia. Five city-ports linked by these crossings, like the shuttle of a loom connecting parallel threads to transform them into textile.

A project for all Mediterraneans

  1. The “Compagnons de la Méditerranée”, made up of 8 young people, specially recruited around the Mediterranean.

  2. Associations and schools from all around the Mediterranean, for whom educational content and exchanges will be developed and disseminated throughout the crossings and stopovers.

  3. The local population, young people and adults, of the 5 port-cities on the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean between which the boat will sail and in which it will stop to create and carry out educational and cultural workshops and activities.


  • To develop understanding and cooperation between young people from different Mediterranean port-cities, through the “Compagnons de la Méditerranée”, true mediators between 2 shores.

  • To bring together and dialogue young people from different parts of each local society around the discovery and interpretation of the link to the Mediterranean and develop this link as a tool for living together.

  • To weave connections between associations and schools from all around the Mediterranean in order to raise awareness of the value of diversity, in a part of the world that is so fragmented, but humanly so rich.

Innovative model combining experience and pedagogy

  • at the quayside: at each stage, lasting 3 weeks, in one of the designated port cities, the boat is deployed as a nomadic school thanks to the support of local associative partners - a place for study, meeting and exchange.

  • on board the boat:The crossings are a time of group creation for the development of workshops on living together which will take place at each stage, thanks to the experiences lived during the stages and at sea.
Developing awareness
of others and the environment
The young people as a force for change

The project develops the intrinsic bond between young people that makes us responsible for each other and initiates a commitment to our common environment. The experience of the sea is a key factor in bringing about this change, the understan- ding that we are together “in the same boat”.

Founding partners

An initiative of:

THE BEIT PROJECT FRANCE - The Beit Project was born 10 years ago with the objective of transforming urban space and its heritage into tools for education in living together. It is now present in 15 European cities.
MATANEL FOUNDATION - The Matanel Foundation supports projects that promote understanding between religions, cultures and peoples and speci cally invests in original, innovative and transformative projects.
EMID, the Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Dialogue between Civilizations - aims to promote and develop understanding and tolerance between people from different shores of the Mediterranean.

Wíth the encouragement & support of the Matanel Foundatíon & EMID


Partenaires locaux



Team & contacts

  • David Stoleru | Founding Director
    +33 (0)7 48 22 88 86
  • Claudia Benitez | Project Officer
    +33 (0)7 68 08 79 79
  • Virginie Manuel | Graphics and educational contents
  • Océane Laboudie | Fundraising
  • Charlotte Guibert | Project Assistant
  • Clémence Michellon | Service Civique communication et gestion projet
  • Sergio Santos | Community Manager
  • Jean-Marc Cenecorta | Process and evaluation
  • Haider Cano | IT and website

The Beit Project

Creating Consciousness
Urban Heritage and European Plurality

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