Some News From The Team

  • Julie joins the team as fundraiser and head of partnerships

I’ve been developing artistic, cultural and social projects for 20 years, from North to South and South to North. In Europe (Bordeaux, Berlin) and Tunisia (Tunis, Kef), I have held various positions within international and national institutions, local authorities and private entities,  focusing on artistic production, communication and the administration of cultural projects in the fields  such as performing arts, artistic training, heritage and mediation. Since January 2014 and my return to Tunisia, I have been an independent consultant specializing in project design, development and fundraising to support the role and sustainability of civil society organizations working for social change through culture. 

I’m delighted to be joining the Beit Project’s innovative project in Marseille, which combines educational experimentation and cultural diversity to improve “living together”, the scope of which resonates so clearly today, and to be defending it with future partners!

  • Esra, joins the team as Mediterranean coordinator

I am a practical sociologist, facilitator, and content creator for workshops. I use my academic knowledge, professional practices, artistic mind and personal curiosities to address social issues. My previous experiences gather around gender, migration and

social inclusion. I have been practicing my work, sharing and learning new skills in various environments: In different countries, at local, national or international level, with organizations that have adopted very unique methods and values for social change. I am joining  the Beit Project as Mediterranean Coordinator after four years of facilitation with the Marseille team, which is also one of the organizations that have left their mark on me.

  • Arthur joins the team as a Civic Service volunteer

Eager to take a first step into the professional world, I’ve been very enthusiastic about joining The Beit Project association as a  trainee. I come from Lyon, where I graduated from Sciences Po Lyon with a master’s in international relations.

I resonate deeply with the core values of the association , it echoed with my  previous experiences, including my study abroad year in Iran from 2021 to 2022,  my summer work in a children’s activity center, and the possibility to delve into social  issues.

During 7 months of volunteering, I will be experiencing the opportunity to understand how an education-based association works. Indeed, shortly after my arrival I  had the privilege of participating in the gathering session of two schools of Marseille at the fabulous Vieille Charité in the Panier neighborhood ! 

  • Cécile, is continuing her commitment to the Beit Project as local coordinator in Sarcelles

I’ve got a Master’s degree in artistic and cultural project management, and now I work as a freelance photographer, helping organizations with their communication and graphic design needs. I was born and grew up in the Paris region. I lived in Dakar,then in Marseille. I first joined the Beit team as a facilitator (Marseille 2023, Sarcelle 2023, Marseille 2024) and am now the new local coordinator for Sarcelles.

  • Yaël & Lucy, to coordinate the 2024 edition of the Beit Project in Paris

Lucy: My focus is on passing the message, giving voice to people from zero to 120 years old!  I’ve been coordinating The Beit Project in Paris for several years, in addition to my photography and art workshop assignments, and I’m thrilled  to be teaming up with Yaël, whom I’ve known for years (even before the Beit Project) as we were colleagues in animation. 

Yaël: I was part of the coordination team when I was an animator , before we became  colleagues in the coordination  team. So it’s a long story that continues! 

  • Isaline, Nantes’ coordinator for the 3rd year running

At the crossroads of art history, social anthropology and journalism, my studies have  provided me with an in-depth understanding of contemporary social and cultural issues. Passionate about these fields of exploration, I am now pursuing my professional journey  in the cultural field,  firmly believing in the power of  art to  foster dialogue, raise awareness and bring people together. At the same time, I’ve been putting my skills to good use as a freelancer for the last 7 years working to support  social economy organisations. 2024 will be my third year as coordinator of The Beit Project in Nantes.

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