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The Beit Project was born 13 years ago as a nomadic school, spreading out in historic urban public spaces all over Europe to create a triple encounter : with the place, with history and with each other. 10,000 students from 20 cities have already taken part, working in pairs to appropriate an urban space and the stories it contains, interpreting these stories in a dialogue that helps us understand contemporary society and examine our relationship with others.

Last year, this experience gave rise to The Boat Project : a sailboat that sails tirelessly from one shore to the other over the course of a school year. On board is a crew of young adults, volunteers from North and South, living a unique experience of living together, and passing on this experience to hundreds of schoolchildren at each port of call, during specific workshops organized with local partners. Thanks to this mediation, links are forged between schoolchildren from different Mediterranean towns and cities, with different cultures and origins, where the project makes a stopover.

This first 6-month Odyssey between Marseille, Tangiers, Barcelona, Tunis and Bastia, led us to imagine the project on a new scale, the Nomadic School of Living Together in the Mediterranean: opening up this concept of compagnonnage, this nomadic learning through experience, to all young people in the Mediterranean through partnerships with international institutions and local associations. A unique opportunity to become a “Mediterranean Companion”, to experience living together by combining an 8-month voluntary service with training and the preparation of a personal project which, by multiplying the impact of the project, will develop a new sensitivity to otherness for young people in the Mediterranean.

The Beit Project

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Urban Heritage and European Plurality

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