The start of the school year has been rich thanks to the launch of the first two projects: Beit Paris for its 10th edition and Beit Nantes for its second. What a pleasure to (finally) explore the urban space! In total, more than 300 students from 11 to 16 years old have already participated in the Beit project over the past two months. To resume these weeks of urban sessions and video editing workshops, the local coordinators share their experience in their words:

Lucy Winkelmann – local coordinator in Paris : “After the year 2020, where the Beit Project has adapted by taking place within the confines of secondary schools, what joy to find the urban space and especially the meeting with the Other ! This year we explored a new district : that of Buisson St Louis and its surroundings in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. A district rich in history(ies) which made it possible to question various themes such as those of racism, feminism, revolt, access to health care, or immigration … meet and work with “the other”: a comrade from anothers school, facilitators, but also passers-by and people encountered at random during the project. We must underline the flexible and adaptable work of the Parisian team which ensures that these projects are also successful and qualitative and above all that the students open up a little more to the world around them. A big thank you to the students, the team, the teachers and our partners

Théo le Neures – local coordinator in Nantes : “From Nantes, we informed Jules Verne, the laughs and the mechanical elephant, we can now add the Beit Project. For the second Nantes edition, the project has put its“ beits ”to the level of the Quai de la Fosse and Parc des Chantiers districts of the Île de Nantes, territories which have shaped the history of the city of the Dukes. discover the city and discover themselves. collective memory, the conditions of work… The encounter with “the other”, at the heart of the Beit philosophy, gave shape to human relationships of remarkable intensity, both in the relationships between the students and in contact with adults. Moreover, the Beit team, the teachers and the various local partners were able to increase the interest and curiosity of the students tenfold, always in this perspective of openness and tolerance. those who made edition Beit Project Nantes 2021 a very beautiful human project. See you at the final presentation and, of course, you next year.

This is also an opportunity to announce the dates of the respective final presentations : November 9th  in Nantes and November 23th in Paris. All the informations relating to these events are in the invitation images.  Hope to see many of you there!

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