The end of Sofia

The city of Sofia in Bulgaria has been hosting The Beit Project since September 2023 for the 5th year.

Pairs of students with different backgrounds meet in the historic heart of the city, and together experience tolerance, understanding of the Other, and coexistence. Debates on social issues linked to cultural and historical heritage develop young people’s civic awareness and knowledge of the Other.

The sessions were accompanied by a photographic exhibition created by Lucy Winkelmann. These 24 portraits link the faces of people met in different cities during The Beit Project’s educational activities, to urban locations and heritage sites in the neighborhoods explored during the project. This interplay of being, place, citizen and city represents the threefold encounter that takes place during the project: with a neighborhood, its history and its inhabitants.

TV follows sessions in Sofia

Bulgarian TV reports on the Nomade school in Sofia.


The Beit Project

Creating Consciousness
Urban Heritage and European Plurality

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