European Perspectives Workshop Skopje – Nice : Skopje’s gaze

During November and December 2019, more than 40 pupils from the schools “Orce Nikolov” and “Zef Ljush Marku”, were engaged in the European perspectives workshop together with two schools from Nice, as part of the Beit project. They discussed and analyzed the issues related to humanity and solidarity. They compared their opinion about the challenges that they and the people from the two cities are facing regarding the level of awareness in the society about the importance of the humanity and solidarity. Accordingly, they shared their own ideal vision and will propose an action which will turn them into the active participants and leaders of the positive changes in the society. Their message will be that all the people deserve to live in a human and solidary society where the people constantly help and support each other in building the better future at home, in the school, in the city, in the country, in Europe, in the World. The Beit project empower the youth in Skopje and Nice for making changes by creating actions for reaching their common vision for building a more human and solidary society.

Mitko B. Panov, local coordinator

The Beit Project

Creating Consciousness
Urban Heritage and European Plurality

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