Because it is international, this project can only be carried out with local teams. The relationship between the local teams and the permanent team is what makes the interventions so ideal and gives personality to each stage.

PERMANENT BEIT TEAM A team based in Barcelona has developed the general project and is in charge of making the different projects run smoothly. The team follows the project at each stage: during preparation, training and implementation.


DAVID STOLERU direction and coordination

VIRGINIE MANUEL content and graphic design

HAIDER CANO website and audiovisuals


EDUCATIONAL COUNSEL TEAM The permanent team was advised by external specialists in 2011 regarding educational, research and theoretical issues, evaluation and advice.

LOCAL FACILITATORS The groups of participants are framed by facilitators trained previously according to the specific methodology of the project. These facilitators are originally from the cities selected, where they normally live, and they understand the local situation.

The facilitators serve as a bridge to the participants, the city and the project and orchestrate the development of the activities. They come from very different worlds: entertainers, actors, architects, etc.

and all share a passion for their city, an open spirit and curious mind, the professional ability to work with young people, the gift of improvisation and a lot of energy.

LOCAL COORDINATORS To link between the permanent team, schools, local partners and local team, we hire a local coordinator at each stage. Their role in preparing logistics and developing activities on the street is essential.

LOCAL PARTNERS To work in each city, we need logistical support and assistance from local partners. These partners are public bodies or associations that help us to search for participants and local team members and provide coordination, which lets us use spaces according to our abilities. SEE AT EACH STAGE

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